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SEP 2016  (6 Events) 
Lone Gull 10k Gloucester, MA 09-25-2016 Ted Tyler
Larry Olsen 10k Hopedale, MA 09-24-2016 Ted Tyler
Miles for Meals 5k Lowell, MA 09-20-2016 Jim Rhoades
Applefest 5k Northborough, MA 09-17-2016 Ted Tyler
Walpole 5k Walpole, MA 09-05-2016 Ted Tyler
Walpole 10k Walpole, MA 09-05-2016 Ted Tyler
AUG 2016  (10 Events) 
Last Call 5k Lowell, MA 08-30-2016 Ted Tyler  
Race To The Row 5k Somverville, MA 08-28-2016 Ted Tyler
Dash For Recovery 5k Nashua, NH 08-28-2016 Jim Rhoades
Beat Beethoven 5k Lowell, MA 08-23-2016 Mary and Ted Tyler
Grab Bag 5k Lowell, MA 08-16-2016 Ted Tyler
Bobby Doyle 5 Mile Narragansett, RI 08-14-2016 Ted Tyler  
Zack Attack 5k Hudson, NH 08-12-2016 Jim Rhoades
GFRC Grand Prix Framingham, MA 08-11-2016 Ted Tyler  
Reverse The Course 5k Lowell, MA 08-09-2016 Ted Tyler  
Runaways Runaround 5k North Attleboro, MA 08-07-2016 Ted Tyler  
JUL 2016  (9 Events) 
Bikini 5k Lowell, MA 07-26-2016 Ted Tyler  
Beer Time 5k Lowell, MA 07-19-2016 Mary Tyler  
East End 5 Mile Lowell, MA 07-17-2016 Ted Tyler  
East End 5 Mile Lowell, MA 07-17-2016 Jim Rhoades  
Gate City Striders Ultimate Runner Nashua, NH 07-13-2016 Rich Blake  
Coaster Toss 5k Lowell, MA 07-12-2016 Ted Tyler  
Berna's Great Legs 5k Lowell, MA 07-07-2016 Ted Tyler  
Birthday 5k Lowell, MA 07-05-2016 Mary Tyler  
John Carson 2 Mile Chelmsford, MA 07-04-2016 Tom Hildreth
JUN 2016  (7 Events) 
Good Times Hall of Fame 5k Lowell, MA 06-28-2016 Ted Tyler  
Temptation 5k Lowell, MA 06-21-2016 Ted Tyler  
Sharon Timlin 5k Hopkinton, MA 06-18-2016 Ted Tyler  
Affirmation 5k Lowell, MA 06-14-2016 Ted Tyler  
Jimmy Kennedy Memorial 5 Mile Run for ALS Quincy, MA 06-11-2016 Ted Tyler  
Louise Rossetti 5k Beverly, MA 06-08-2016 Ted Tyler  
In the Garden of Eden 5k Lowell, MA 06-07-2016 Mary Tyler  
MAY 2016  (11 Events) 
Runners Give Back 5k Lowell, MA 05-31-2016 Mary Tyler  
Michael Aselton 5k Hyannis, MA 05-29-2016 Ted Tyler  
Johnny Kelley Half Marathon Hyannis, MA 05-29-2016 Ted Tyler  
Chips House 7.2 Mile Hyannis, MA 05-29-2016 Ted Tyler  
XMAS in May 5k Lowell, Ma 05-24-2016 Ted Tyler  
FPA / PAN Can 5k Framingham, MA 05-21-2016 Mary Tyler  
Hopedale Boosters 5K Hopedale, MA 05-14-2016 Ted Tyler  
Nancy's Mother's Day 5k Chelmsford, MA 05-08-2016 Jim Rhoades  
Nancy's Mother's Day 5k Chelmsford, MA 05-08-2016 Andrea & Jim Shelton  
Harvard Pilgrim 5k Nashua, NH 05-05-2016 Jim Rhoades  
Liam Maguire's Almost 5 Mile Falmouth, MA 05-01-2016 Ted Tyler  
APR 2016  (5 Events) 
James Joyce Ramble 10k Dedham, MA 04-24-2016 Ted Tyler  
Groton Road Race Groton, MA 04-24-2016 Jim Rhoades  
Groton Road Race Groton, MA 04-24-2016 Jim Shelton  
120th Boston Marathon Boston, MA 04-18-2016 Ted Tyler  
TVFR Boston TuneUP 15K Upton, MA 04-02-2016 Ted Tyler  
MAR 2016  (4 Events) 
Ras na hEireann U.S.A. 5k Somerville, MA 03-13-2016 Ted Tyler  
Hynes 5 Mile Lowell, MA 03-13-2016 Jim Rhoades  
Hynes 5 Mile Lowell, MA 03-13-2016 Rich Blake  
An Ras Mor 5K Cambridge, MA 03-06-2016 Jim Rhoades  
FEB 2016  (2 Events) 
Hyannis 10K, Half Marathon & Marathon Hyannis, MA 02-28-2016 Ted Tyler  
Super 5K Lowell, MA 02-07-2016 Ted Tyler  
JAN 2016  (1 Event)  
1st Run 5k & 10k Lowell, MA 01-01-2016 Jim Rhoades
NOV 2015  (3 Events) 
Norwood Turkey Trot 4 Mile Norwood, MA 11-22-2015 Ted Tyler
Lisa's 5k Lowell, MA 11-15-2015 Jim Rhoades  
Run for All Ages 5k Wakefield, MA 11-07-2015 Ted Tyler  
OCT 2015  (4 Events) 
Devil's Chase 6.66 Mile Salem, MA 10-31-2015 Ted Tyler  
Tufts 10K Boston, MA 10-12-2015 Ted Tyler  
Tufts 10K Boston, MA 10-12-2015 Jim Rhoades  
Bobby Bell 5 Mile Haverhill, MA 10-11-2015 Jim Rhoades  
  Date Number of
SEP 2016 6
AUG 2016 10
JUL 2016 9
JUN 2016 7
MAY 2016 11
APR 2016 5
MAR 2016 4
FEB 2016 2
JAN 2016 1
NOV 2015 3
OCT 2015 4
  Totals (11 groups) 62

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